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HPP-21 Servo Programmer -28%
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HPP-21 Servo Programmer

The Hitec HPP-21 is a Programmer for Hitec Digital Servos as well as a servo tester for all brands and types of servos.

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HS-125MG Thin Wing Servo -38%
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HS-125MG Thin Wing Servo

The HS-125MG Thin Metal Gear Wing Servo at only .39” thick it is perfect for ultra thin wings or specialized robot applications.

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HS-5125MG Thin Digital Wing... -37%
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HS-5125MG Thin Digital Wing...

At 10mm thick, the Hitec HS-5125MG servo is a great choice for a super thin wing servo. Featuring a digital programmable circuit providing instant torque and holding power, Hitec’s HS-5125MG also uses our reliable MP gear/metal gear train for super durability.

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HS-55 Feather Servo -22%
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HS-55 Feather Servo

The HS-55 is the most popular servo for park flyers and small EDF Jets such as the Tigershark, Mirage 2000 or GWS A-10.

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