Secure payment

RC-Warbirds uses PayPal

It can be troublesome for buyers to make secure payments. If they’re not secure, your details are easily accessible by opportunist hackers. To ensure payments on our website are secure, partners with PayPal, the worlds leading provider of secure online payments. PayPal takes away your pain by ensuring online security. When you check out on our website with PayPal, PayPal directly pays our store, sometimes even before drawing funds from your account, so your financial details stay encrypted and protected.

Preventing fraud

Every transaction is monitored and heavily guarded behind PayPal's advanced encryption to help prevent fraud and identity theft. PayPal are leaders in risk management, constantly updating their systems to help block external threats so you can buy with confidence.

Protecting your money

Hackers are getting smarter so banks and card providers around the world are creating extra hurdles for you to navigate just to pay online. PayPal is committed to making things easier for you without making it riskier. In the unlikely event something does go wrong, just report it to PayPal and PayPal will take care of any unauthorised transactions.