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AirPower Bulkhead Fuel Barb... -26%
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AirPower Bulkhead Fuel Barb...

Bulkhead Fuel Fitting for Turbine Jets, Gasoline and Nitro Powered Model planes. Allows for easy connection of fuel lines though bulk heads.
Ideal suitable to connect overflow and taxi tanks.

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Fuel Line Interconnect -24%
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Fuel Line Interconnect

Aluminum Fuel line connector for simple fuel line extension or repair works.

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Fuel Dot -39%
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Fuel Dot

High quality machined aluminum plug for plugging silicone or rubber fuel tubings. 4 pieces per package.

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Tamjet FOD for Jetcat -23%
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Tamjet FOD for Jetcat

This FOD screen is special design for tubine use only. Our screen fit almost any K66 size turbine.

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