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HET-RC Feather Servo (5 grams) -49%
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HET-RC Feather Servo (5 grams)

The HET-RC 5gram Servos is a great servo for park flyers and small EDF Jets such as the Tigershark, Mirage 2000 or GWS A-10.

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MAP Micro Air Retracts -62%
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MAP Micro Air Retracts

The MAP Micro Air Retract system is the long awaited solution for larger electric scale planes and EDF Jets.

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Hysol Mixer Short -65%
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Hysol Mixer Short

Pack of 5 short mixers for use with Loctite Hysol 50ml adhesive systems cartridge.

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Wing Tip Skid Kit -30%
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Wing Tip Skid Kit

Here is the wing skid that protects your wing tip. This is not all. 
It was design to be removable. Some don't like to show their plane with wing skid on static display. You can remove skids and put in your tool box. 

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