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HET 9305 EDF Unit (w.... -49%
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HET 9305 EDF Unit (w....

The HET 9305 electric ducted fan unit (EDF) has been designed especially for the HET-RC Typhoon 600 Series of Brushless motors. Like the WeMoTec Midi Fan also the HET 9305 is suitable for all our large 90mm Fan Powered EDF Jets.

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Schuebeler DS-74-DIA HDT -25%
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Schuebeler DS-74-DIA HDT

The DS-75-DIA HDT is based on the larger DS-94-DIA HDT and constructed in the same way with its outer diameter being reduced to 110mm. The smaller DS-75-DIA HDT can be used in models of the former 7.5cm³ ducted fan class.

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Tamjet TJ90 -29%
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Tamjet TJ90

The Tamjets TJ90 is basically a downsized version of the TJ100. With this the fan shares all the same parts as the TJ100. With a very low weight, rigid carbon fiber shroud, aluminum motor mount body for improved cooling, is a high performance carbon fiber EDF Unit for demanding applications.

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