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AirPower X-Fitting For Air... -30%
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AirPower X-Fitting For Air...

The precise AirPower X-Fitting makes the installation of a complicated Pneumatic-operated retract/brake system easy.

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Electronic Single Action Valve -36%
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Electronic Single Action Valve

Completely digital brake control. Can be used as an on/off or proportional brake valve. 
Also great for Air-Up / Spring down landing gear and speed brakes.

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AirPower E-Valve Program Card -37%
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AirPower E-Valve Program Card

E-Valve Program Card EV-PC for all AirPower Electronic Valves:
- EV-1U Single Action Proportional brake Valve
- EV-2U Dual Action Retract or Gear Door Valve
- EV-5U Five Action Multi-function Valve
- EV-SQ Gear Door Sequencer

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