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turbine conversion | RC-Warbirds Blog
Jul 9 2012

E-flite F-4 Phantom JetCat P20 Turbine conversion

EFL8125-GAL15Thanks to Tam for this great video of a EDF E-flite F-4 Phantom converted to be powered by a JetCat P20 turbine.


Contact us or Tamjets if you are looking for a conversion kit for your E-flite F-4.

Enjoy the Video !!!


Jul 4 2012

CARF Spark with JetCat P-60SE Turbine

A great video of one of our customers flying his CARF Spark with a JetCat P-60SE Turbine.
Drop us an email if you are interested in a turbine conversion kit for your EDF Spark.

Mar 30 2012

HET-RC Sniper XL 90

Soon to arrive: the new full composite Sniper XL 90 from HET-RC.
Build upon the successful Sniper90, the Sniper XL 90 features a epoxy full composite  design.




Available in the standard Sniper colors (see above) as well as a High Vis color scheme (below)



Like the Sniper 90, also the Sniper XL can be equipped with retractable landing gear and converted to turbine power (JetCat P20SE).




Type…………………………: ARF
Material……………………..: Epoxy Fiberglass – Full Composite
Fan size……………………..: 90mm

Wing Span…………………: 1120mm (44”)
Length………………………: 1200mm (47.2”)

Sep 19 2011

JetTeng L-39 P-20SE Turbine conversion by TamJets

Nice video of a Jet Teng (JTM) L-39 powered by a JetCat P-20SE Turbine.
Conversion done by TamJets.


Contact us for more info on Turbine conersions for JetTeng, HET, E-Flite and TamJet EDF Jets.

Mar 27 2011

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part7)

It’s been quiet around the F-16 for far to long !!

In the meantime the pipe has arrived from Grumania in Germany.
A piece of art. Super light weight and double wall !!



Installation of the pipe was done in a few minutes.
As Ilja had send me the weight of the pipe I was able to set the CG before the pipe arrived (how many sheets of paper do you have to roll up to get 80 grams??)



As soon as the pipe was inside the plane I did the first test run of the engine.
During the first run I noticed that the engine did not throttle up smoothly – if JetCat says that the fuel line from pump to turbine needs to be at least 110cm (not mm) = 1.1 meter, then better follow the instructions.

Fuel line extended and “TATAAAAAA…” the throttling up is smooth.


Enjoy the video of the JetCat P20-SE with KeroStart spooling up…

Jan 2 2011

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part2)

Happy 2011 everyone !!

I finished the installation of the retracts and routed the airlines.
The intake duct is installed – I will have to cut it down later to install the fuel tank.


The EDF Version I’m converting does not have a rudder, so I decided to modify the plane and cut/install a working rudder for those cross wind moments.



The pictures below show how I cut out the rudder, added balsa to close the rudder and fin.


At the end I added a layer of light glass to the rounded edge so it an be painted. Looks quite good after the paint job.



The Rudder Servo is a Hitec HS-85MG which is installed in the small box below the rudder. A pin from the rudder will go into the small groove in the servo arm to drive the rudder.




Dec 31 2010

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part1)

after playing around with various airframe options for the new JetCat P-20 I have decided to start building on a TamJets F-16 in 1/12 scale (below videos helped me a lot to make up my mind ) and plant the little turbine into this model.

Other candidates for the P-20:
- Jet Teng BaeHawk
- Jet Teng L-39
- Schuebeler Bae Hawk
- Schreiner/Savex L-39
- Aero-naut Panther
- Aero-naut Rafale (120mm fan version – not sure if this will work with the P-20 as the pipe might reduce power to much….)

Some videos of the Tam F-16 with P-20 in action:


The following components will be installed in the F-16 (they can be found on in our webshop):

- Tailerons: Hitec HS-5665MH (2x)
- Rudder: Hitec HS-85MG (1x)
- Steering: Hitec HS-225MG (1x)

Retracts: Tamjet Mini Air Retracts (4mm wire)
Brakes: TamJets Brake (4mm wire)
Wheels: MPI Wheels with 2” for the mains and 1.5” for the nose
Retract Valve: Airpower EV-2U (1x)
Brake and Door: Airpower EV-1U (2x)

Turbine: JetCat P-20
Tank: Dubro 20oz Tank
Air Trap: TamJets Airtrap tank

RX: JR RD921 9 channel 2.1 Ghz


Starting the build – First Task:

- Cut gear doors
- Install Retracts, doors and cylinders

TamJets F-16 with P-20

I first tried to cut the doors with a saw but had some issues with chipped paint so I switched to a hot knife which worked much better.
Although my version of the F-16 was already from the new batch (with some additional re-enforcements to the retract mount), I decided to add one more layer of carbon to the front of the spar (to much I guess but it looks good….kind of…… ).


I also added the additional block to the wing mounting area (although it would not be required).


Gear door hinges installed and air cylinders fitted (the nose door cylinder comes from a TamJets Gear door install kit, the main cylinders are Airpower 12mm stroke cylinders).


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