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sapac | RC-Warbirds Blog
Sep 3 2011

RC-Warbirds Newsletter–August 2011

SAPAC BAE Hawk 100mm

Product PictureWith the size of a model usually powered by kerosene turbines, a composite molded fuselage and balsa wings and the simplicity and lower cost of an EDF Jets, the SAPAC BAE Hawk 100mm is the perfect entry into large scale rc jet models.
The model is designed for 100mm EDF Units such as the Stumax SM100 or TamJets TJ100. Please see the drop down menu below for available power options.



SAPAC T-45 Goshawk 100mm

Product PictureWith the size of a model usually powered by kerosene turbines, a composite molded fuselage and balsa wings and the simplicity and lower cost of an EDF Jets, the SAPAC T-45 100mm BAE Hawk is the perfect entry into large scale rc jet models. The model is designed for 100mm EDF Units such as the Stumax SM100 or TamJets TJ100. Please see the drop down menu below for available power options.
Pack contents:
Assembly instructions in English, pre-painted fiberglass fuselage, covered balsa wings, molded fin and balsa tail surfaces, small items, clear canopy, linkage hardware pack including nylon control horns, PVC and optional composite ducting and decal sheet



JetCat Turbine Mount “Standard”

Product PictureJetCat Turbine Mount “Standard” for JetCat P-80 to P-160 Engines




JetCat Fuel & Propane Valve

Product PictureJetCat Fuel & Propane Shut-off-valve (solenoid) for JetCat and other turbines.





JetCat Fuel & Propane Filter

Product PictureJetCat Fuel and Propane Filter for JetCat (and other) Turbines.





JetCat P20-SE Turbine

jetcat_p20_seIntroducing the new JetCat P20-SE, the baby turbine from JetCat.
The JetCat P20-SE is the long awaited solution for small EDF Jet conversions. With 2.4kg thrust, this turbine can power any 90size EDF Jet (examples: JTM Hawk, JTM L-39, TamJets 1/12th scale F-16…..).
The engine follows throttle commands almost without delay. The P20-SE comes with the new V10 ECU. Not only does it feature an incredible small size & weight, the new bus system makes installing your components a breeze. With one cable running from ECU to turbine (instead of 2 with the older versions) and one cable running from ECU to pump and on to the 2 solenoid block.

Jun 13 2010

SAPAC T-45 V2.1

SAPAC T-45 V2.1 by Edmond This SAPAC T-45 was build by Edmond.
The model is bungee launched (due to the lack of a proper Runway at his flying site) and is equipped with the following power setup:

- FAN: Het 6904
- Motor: HET 2W30
- Lipo: 6S 3000mAh
- ESC: Jeti Spin

The model is a real speed daemon. Based on Doppler readings taken from the flight video speeds are estimated to be in the range of 200km/h.

doppler readings of sapac t-45 by edmond

The Build Thread of this plane can be found at:

Enjoy the video of the model in action !!

Edmonds SAPAC T-45

Edmonds Sapac T-45 bungee launched 6s

Jun 1 2010

RC-Warbirds Newsletter May 2010


JTM L-39

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 4Pre Release Notification:
Jet Teng is about to release their new L-39 full composite EDF Jet for 90mm Fans. The L-39 comes retract ready and equipped with flaps. Like the Hawk the L-39 is available in various color schemes, fully painted with water transfer decals applied and protected by a clear coat.
The L-39 will be priced between 599 USD (Color scheme 1 – 3) and 650 USD (color scheme 4-5) depending on the color scheme.
We expect initial availability in the first weeks of June with limited quantities available.
Please drop us an email at to pre-order your L-39 today.

Color schemes:

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme: L3901

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme: L3902

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme: L3903

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme: L3904

JTM L-39 Color Scheme 5

Color Scheme: L3905


JTM Hawk – New Colors

JTM Hawk new Color 1Pre Release Notification: Jet Teng has just informed us that new color schemes are available for the JTM Hawk full composite EDF jet for 90mm Fans. The new color schemes come with the same features as the standard Hawks. In addition we are offering the same optional packages (fans, motors, retracts) also for these Hawks.
We expect initial availability in the first weeks of June with limited quantities available.
Please drop us an email at to pre-order your Hawk today.

Color schemes:

JTM Hawk new Color 2

Color Scheme: HB002C

JTM Hawk new Color 3

Color Scheme: HB003C

JTM Hawk new Color 1

Color Scheme: HB004C

JTM Hawk new Color 4

Color Scheme: HG001C

JTM Hawk new Color 5

Color Scheme: HR1252C


Tamjets F-16 1/12 Tigermeet

Tam F-16 Tiger MeetTamjets is well known for its track record of producing high end durable turbine jet kits and ARFs. With almost a decade of experience producing composite jet aircraft, Tamjets is now expanding its product line to the electric jet market (EDF). Leveraging this experience, Tamjets are now able to produce scale aircraft that are high perfomance, light weight and strong all at an affordable price. Over one year in engineering strength and efficiency has been invested in making this model to provide maximum performance capable of top speeds eclipsing 150MPH.
The Tamjets EDF F-16 ARF’s are fully composite with complete ducting, hardware and ready to accept Tamjets or MAP retracts and gear door cylinders


Sapac Viper Jet Bronze/Black

Sapac Viper Bronze BlackThe Viper Jet in Bronze/Black Color with a composite molded fuselage and balsa wings is the latest high end edf jet from SAPAC. The plane comes pre-completely assembled and pre-painted. The model is designed for popular 70mm EDF Units such as the WeMoTec Mini Fan 480 or HET-6904. Please see the drop down menu below for available power options.

Retract mounts are pre-installed for quick installation. A fixed landing gear is included as well.


TamJets TJ90

Tamjets TJ90The Tamjets TJ90 is basically a downsized version of the TJ100. With this the fan shares all the same parts as the TJ100. With a very low weight, rigid carbon fiber shroud, aluminum motor mount body for improved cooling, is a high performance carbon fiber EDF Unit for demanding applications.
The TJ90 was designed with NeuMotors in mind. In order to accommodate also motors with larger diameter, 2 versions of the TJ90 are available. One suitable for NeuMotors 14xx series (~36mm diameter) and one suitable for the larger diameter NeuMotor 15xx series (~38mm diameter).


Tamjet Overflow Tank

Tamjets overflow tank32oz / 950ml Overflow Tank for Turbine and gasoline models.
Extend your flight time by attaching this auxiliary overflow tank to your turbine jet during start-up and taxi operation.
Tank comes ready assembled with all fuel lines and Festo connectors.


Tamjet Aluminum Fuel Stopper Kit

Tamjets Aluminum Stopperpackage of 3 TamJets Aluminum Fuel Stopper Upgrade Kits.
The aluminum stopper kit works with any composite fuel tank and most fuel stoppers included in composite fuel tank kits.
Improves seal of any composite fuel tank and avoids air/fuel leaks.


Festor Air & Turbine Products

Festo Shut of valveWe have extended our range of connectors suitable for air retracts and turbine fuel/gas tubing.
New in stock are the following Festo Connectors
- Festo 3mm-3mm Straight
- Festo 4mm-3mm Straight
- Festo 4mm-4mm Straight
- Festo 6mm-6mm Straight
- Festo 4mm Shut Off Valve
- Festo Shut Off Valve Mount
Festo straight connector QSM

 Tamjets Heat Shield

Heat Shield BlanketAdhesive backed Heat Shield Blanket

Protects your turbine compartment or engine firewall from heat and fire damage.
Size: 12” x 12” (30.5cm x 30.5cm)


Hysol 50ml Mixer

Hysol Mix TipPack of 6 short mixers for use with Loctite Hysol 50ml adhesive systems cartridge.

Mar 10 2010

T-45 Goshawk

Another SAPAC T-45 Goshawk owned by Mike.sapac t-45 flaps down
Mike flies his T-45 with the following configuration:

  • HET Drive Set 2W-20 72A
    • HET 2W-20 Motor
    • HET 6904 Fan
    • HET 72A ESC
  • Hyperion G3 4200 4S 35C Lipo
  • MAP Air retracts


Operational History of the real plane:
The T-45 has been used for intermediate and advanced portions of the Navy/Marine Corps strike pilot training program with Training Air Wing ONE at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi and Training Air Wing TWO at Naval Air Station Kingsville, Texas. The T-45 replaced the T-2C Buckeye trainer and the TA-4J Skyhawk II trainer with an integrated training system that includes the T-45 Goshawk aircraft, operational and instrument flight simulators (OFT/IFT), academics, and training integration system support. In 2008, the T-45 began operation in the advanced portion of Navy/Marine Corps Naval Flight Officer (NFO) training with Training Air Wing SIX at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida.

The T-45’s A and C models are currently in operational use. The T-45A, which became operational in 1991, contains an analog cockpit design while the newer T-45C, which was first delivered in December 1997, features a new digital "glass cockpit" design. All T-45A aircraft will eventually be converted to a T-45C configuration under the T-45 Required Avionics Modernization Program (T-45 RAMP).

sapac t-45 fly by

Mar 3 2010

T-45 Goshawk

Here are some pictures of our SAPAC T-45 Goshawk.
This is still a very early version 1 model of the plane which, during this time, still came without retract mounts or flaps.

rc-warbirds sapac t-45 Luckily the build up wing of the Hawk made an installation of retract straight forwards.
Our T-45 was equipped with the following:
- HET 6904 Fan Unit
- HET-RC Typhoon 2W-20
- HET-RC Tsunami 72A ESC
- Desire Power 3700 4S 30S Lipo Pack
- HET-RC Mini Air Retracts (3mm version)

For servos we used Hitec HS-82MG and HS-65MG types.

With this power combination the plane was not only able to take off from a concrete runway but also from a short cut grass runway.

The flight characteristics of this model a very good. A real joy to fly !!



Have a look at this video of our SAPAC T-45 in action:

Some info on the real plane:
The T-45 Goshawk is a highly modified version of the BAE Hawk land-based training jet aircraft. Manufactured by McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) and British Aerospace (now BAE Systems), the T-45 is used by the United States Navy as an aircraft carrier-capable trainer.

The T-45 Goshawk is a fully carrier-capable version of the Hawk Mk.60. It was developed for the United States Navy (USN) for use in training.

The Goshawk’s origins began in the mid-1970s, when the US Navy began looking for replacement for its T-2 and TA-4 trainers. The US Navy started the VTXTS advanced trainer program in 1978. British Aerospace and McDonnell Douglas proposed a version of the Hawk and were awarded the T-45 contract in 1981.

The Hawk had not been designed for carrier operations. Numerous modifications were required for Navy carrier use, including improvements to the low-speed handling characteristics and a reduction in the approach speed. Other changes were strengthened airframe, more robust and wider landing gear with catapult attachment and an arresting hook. It features a two-wheel nose landing gear.

The Goshawk first flew in 1988 and became operational in 1991. BAE Systems manufactures the fuselage aft of the cockpit, the air inlets, the vertical stabilizer of the T-45 at Samlesbury, and the wings at Brough, England. Boeing manufactures the remainder of the aircraft and assembles them in St. Louis, Missouri.

On 16 March 2007 the 200th airframe was delivered to the US Navy. Their requirements call for 223 aircraft, and the T-45 service is slated to continue until at least 2035.

Feb 19 2010

JAS 39 Gripen

side view of Rolfs sapac gripen 
Another one of Rolf’s builds.
This is a SAPAC JAS 39 Gripen, build and modified by Rolf.
The model is completely glassed and painted. Decals are from Tailormade Decals.
The plane features a 90mm EDF unit and retracts.

SAPAC JAS 39 Gripen by Rolf Rolf has installed full navigation and landing lights as well as a burner emulation.

Some info on the real plane:
The Saab JAS 39 Gripen (English: Griffin) is a lightweight multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab. Gripen International acts as a prime contracting organization and is responsible for marketing, selling and supporting the Gripen fighter around the world.

The aircraft is in service with the Swedish Air Force, the Czech Air Force, the Hungarian Air Force and the South African Air Force, and has been ordered by the Royal Thai Air Force. A total of 236 Gripens have been ordered as of 2008.

Rolfs SAPAC JAS 39 side view

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