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Jul 9 2012

E-flite F-4 Phantom JetCat P20 Turbine conversion

EFL8125-GAL15Thanks to Tam for this great video of a EDF E-flite F-4 Phantom converted to be powered by a JetCat P20 turbine.


Contact us or Tamjets if you are looking for a conversion kit for your E-flite F-4.

Enjoy the Video !!!


Mar 30 2012

HET-RC Sniper XL 90

Soon to arrive: the new full composite Sniper XL 90 from HET-RC.
Build upon the successful Sniper90, the Sniper XL 90 features a epoxy full composite  design.




Available in the standard Sniper colors (see above) as well as a High Vis color scheme (below)



Like the Sniper 90, also the Sniper XL can be equipped with retractable landing gear and converted to turbine power (JetCat P20SE).




Type…………………………: ARF
Material……………………..: Epoxy Fiberglass – Full Composite
Fan size……………………..: 90mm

Wing Span…………………: 1120mm (44”)
Length………………………: 1200mm (47.2”)

Oct 17 2011

NEW: JetTeng ViperJet

Now available: The new JetTeng (JTM) ViperJet in one of 5 interesting colors:



Full size Information:
The Viper Jet is a jet aircraft designed and produced by Viper Aircraft Corporation in kit form for homebuilding. It is a conventional, low-wing monoplane with swept wings and tail and two seats in tandem under a bubble canopy. The jet intakes are located at the sides of the fuselage and the tricycle undercarriage is retractable. Construction throughout is of composite materials.




Product Information:
The JTM ViperJet in the colors of the High Performance Aircraft Training school (HPAT) is a high performance EDF Jet in full composite design for 90mm Fan units such as the Schuebeler DS-51 or WeMoTec Midi Fan Pro.
A turbine conversion to JetCat P-20, Lambert T25 or Wren 44 (see video below) can be done easily. Please check with us on suitable turbines, pipes and accessories.
The model features a full composite fuselage and wing with retract hard points pre-installed in the nose and retract hatches pre-cut in the wing.
The model comes completely pre-painted with all decals applied and protected by a clear coat.
Further is the cockpit glued and all hatches are assembled and locks are installed in place.
This model is truly ARF with all the major work done for you.
Retracts and suitable scale oleo struts are available as option.




Pack contents:
Fully painted and finished glass fiber fuselage, fully assembled vertical fin and pre-installed ducting, clear canopy with pre-installed lock, one-piece fully painted and finished glass fiber wing with aileron, flap and retract hatches, exhaust ducting sheet, small parts, hardware pack, gear door covers.

RC functions:
- Ailerons
- Elevator
- Throttle
- Flaps
- Rudder
- Gear
- Nose gear steering
- Brakes (optional)




Type…………………………: ARF
Material……………………..: Full Composite (glass/carbon)
Fan size……………………..: 90mm
Wing Span…………………: 1410mm (55.5”)
Length………………………: 1280mm (50.5”)
Recommended Fan………: DS-51, TJ90, SM90,HET 9305-700
Recommended Motor……: Lehner 1940-12 HA (8s),Het 700, NeuMotors 15xx
For Turbine
Recommended Turbine…: JetCat P-20, Lambert T25, Wren44
Radio………………………..: 5-7 channel, 5-9 servo



Sep 19 2011

JetTeng L-39 P-20SE Turbine conversion by TamJets

Nice video of a Jet Teng (JTM) L-39 powered by a JetCat P-20SE Turbine.
Conversion done by TamJets.


Contact us for more info on Turbine conersions for JetTeng, HET, E-Flite and TamJet EDF Jets.

Jul 28 2011

E-flite Habu 32 with JetCat P20-SE

A video of Hendra’s E-flite Habu 32 Jet powered by a JetCat P-20SE Turbine.



Jun 28 2011

RC-Warbirds Newsletter June 2011

Product Picture

July 2011 Desktop Wallpaper

July 2011 features another photo taken during the 2008 TopGun Event in Lakeland Florida.
This time we feature a BVM Ultra Bandit captured during a knife edge flyby.


AirPower RA-215 Retract Main and Nose

Product PictureAirPower Models are pleased to present their all new retract units.
Made from Anodised aluminium these units feature air up and air down operation and are intended to use in models from 9kg / 20lbs up to 20kg / 45 lbs in weight. Designed to be retro fitted in many of today’s sport models these units are able to withstand operation from grass and tarmac fields.
The main pivot block is made from high quality 7075 aluminium and machined to accept a 1/2” oleo strut. Retained in a clamp type mount that ensures a secure fixing with less chance of the leg rotating. The pivot pin is deliberately oversized in a effort to make all three units more rugged. The nose retract come as standard with the steering mechanism pre fitted as well as the straightening spring, although this can easily be removed and replaced with a 1/2 inch Oleo leg.
The RA-215 are available as singular units or as a complete kit of 3 units.


AirPower RA-250 Retract Main and Nose

Product PictureAirPower’s RA-250 retract offers an ultra low profile that is only 27mm in height. This retract is able to take a 7/16″ diameter Strut. Also available is a standard gear wire in 3/16″ for Main Gears.
The Retract is constructed out of high quality aircraft grade 6061-T6 & 7075 aluminum. The RA-250 Retracts is designed to replace other manufacturers retract systems and are the strongest retractable landing gear in the industry for this size.


Grumania FOD for JetCat P20-SE

Product PictureThis FOD screen is special design for use with a JetCat P20-SE or similar size turbine engine.




Tamjets E-flite Spark Retract Set

Product PictureFull electric retract set for the CARF Spark.
The Tamjets / E-flite retract set is based on the original E-flite 60 – 120 Tricycle Electric Retracts set. However in order to support the weight of the Spark and make the retract unit more durable in general, Tamjets replaced the original E-flite trunion with an stronger unit machined out of high strength aluminum.
In addition this new trunion is now capable of utilizing the proven Tamjets trailing oleo struts for the CARF Spark.
The set further includes a set of Tamjet TJ Pro-Lite wheels and brakes to complete the combo.



AirPower 5mm Wire Struts Wheels & Brake Set

Product PictureHigh performance inflatable model tire with pneumatic brake and 5mm Wire strut + adapter.
Inflatable tire with metal rim. The tires comes with precision ball bearings (6mm).
Tire is replaceable.
Suitable for all retract mechanics with 5mm wire adapter (wire strut is included in the set)



AirPower Wheel Spares

Product PictureVarious spare parts for Airpower Wheels:
- AirPower 70~85mm Wheel Rubber Seals
- AirPower 70~85mm Inflation Seals
- AirPower Replacement 90 deg Air Fittings
- AirPower 4mm Replacement Nipples
- AirPower 76~83mm Replacement Inflatable Tires Set



Grumania Jet Pipe Inlets

Product PictureHigh quality Turbine Jet Pipe Inlet for Turbine Pipes. Improved airflow and performance.
Available for:
- 15N-30N Turbines
- 40N-80N Turbines
- 80N-160N Turbines



AirPower Brake Spares

Product PictureVarious spare parts for Airpower Wheels:
- 33mm Disk Brake Replacement Pads
- 33mm Pneumatic Brake Inflatable Rubber Seals
- AirPower Replacement 90 deg Air Fittings
- AirPower 4mm Replacement Nipples



JTM Oleo Replacement Springs

Set of 3 replacement springs for the JetTeng – JTM – Oleo trailing oleo struts for JTM’s Hawk and L-39.Product Picture

Mar 27 2011

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part7)

It’s been quiet around the F-16 for far to long !!

In the meantime the pipe has arrived from Grumania in Germany.
A piece of art. Super light weight and double wall !!



Installation of the pipe was done in a few minutes.
As Ilja had send me the weight of the pipe I was able to set the CG before the pipe arrived (how many sheets of paper do you have to roll up to get 80 grams??)



As soon as the pipe was inside the plane I did the first test run of the engine.
During the first run I noticed that the engine did not throttle up smoothly – if JetCat says that the fuel line from pump to turbine needs to be at least 110cm (not mm) = 1.1 meter, then better follow the instructions.

Fuel line extended and “TATAAAAAA…” the throttling up is smooth.


Enjoy the video of the JetCat P20-SE with KeroStart spooling up…

Jan 22 2011

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part6)

Done !! (well except for the pipe which has not arrived yet).


Once the jet pipe has arrived from Gumania the engine can be started and the plane will be ready for maiden.



In summary: a very nice plane to build – quick and easy.
(a pre-installed rudder -which was also available from Tamjets- will make the installation even quicker).


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