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1/12 scale | RC-Warbirds Blog
Jan 2 2011

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part2)

Happy 2011 everyone !!

I finished the installation of the retracts and routed the airlines.
The intake duct is installed – I will have to cut it down later to install the fuel tank.


The EDF Version I’m converting does not have a rudder, so I decided to modify the plane and cut/install a working rudder for those cross wind moments.



The pictures below show how I cut out the rudder, added balsa to close the rudder and fin.


At the end I added a layer of light glass to the rounded edge so it an be painted. Looks quite good after the paint job.



The Rudder Servo is a Hitec HS-85MG which is installed in the small box below the rudder. A pin from the rudder will go into the small groove in the servo arm to drive the rudder.




Dec 31 2010

Build Log: TamJets F-16 with JetCat P-20 (part1)

after playing around with various airframe options for the new JetCat P-20 I have decided to start building on a TamJets F-16 in 1/12 scale (below videos helped me a lot to make up my mind ) and plant the little turbine into this model.

Other candidates for the P-20:
- Jet Teng BaeHawk
- Jet Teng L-39
- Schuebeler Bae Hawk
- Schreiner/Savex L-39
- Aero-naut Panther
- Aero-naut Rafale (120mm fan version – not sure if this will work with the P-20 as the pipe might reduce power to much….)

Some videos of the Tam F-16 with P-20 in action:


The following components will be installed in the F-16 (they can be found on in our webshop):

- Tailerons: Hitec HS-5665MH (2x)
- Rudder: Hitec HS-85MG (1x)
- Steering: Hitec HS-225MG (1x)

Retracts: Tamjet Mini Air Retracts (4mm wire)
Brakes: TamJets Brake (4mm wire)
Wheels: MPI Wheels with 2” for the mains and 1.5” for the nose
Retract Valve: Airpower EV-2U (1x)
Brake and Door: Airpower EV-1U (2x)

Turbine: JetCat P-20
Tank: Dubro 20oz Tank
Air Trap: TamJets Airtrap tank

RX: JR RD921 9 channel 2.1 Ghz


Starting the build – First Task:

- Cut gear doors
- Install Retracts, doors and cylinders

TamJets F-16 with P-20

I first tried to cut the doors with a saw but had some issues with chipped paint so I switched to a hot knife which worked much better.
Although my version of the F-16 was already from the new batch (with some additional re-enforcements to the retract mount), I decided to add one more layer of carbon to the front of the spar (to much I guess but it looks good….kind of…… ).


I also added the additional block to the wing mounting area (although it would not be required).


Gear door hinges installed and air cylinders fitted (the nose door cylinder comes from a TamJets Gear door install kit, the main cylinders are Airpower 12mm stroke cylinders).


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