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Archive February | RC-Warbirds Blog
Feb 26 2011

March 2011–Desktop Wallpaper

First of all a big thanks for the pictures you send to us during February.
We are in the process of incorporating them into the wallpaper release schedule to be featured here in the coming months.

After a very short February we are pleased to present the March edition of the RC-Warbirds Desktop Calendar.

Next in line in the row of our monthly wallpapers is this picture of a F-4 Phantom Turbine Jet shortly after touchdown during the 2010 Warbird and Jet meeting at the MFC Dachau in the south of Germany.
Make sure to check out the video of the event on our YouTube channel at


Depending on your browser, click the below link and save the picture or right click the link and select “save as..” to save the picture to your desktop.

iPhone & Android   |   1024×768   |   1280×960   |   1680×1050   |   1920×1080   |   1920×1200


Once again, have a great month and don’t forget to send us your pictures if you feel they should be featured as one of our wallpapers.

Feb 20 2011

F-22 Raptor


Some pictures of Kalvin’s FBJets F-22 Raptor.
The model is powered by a JetCat P120 turbine, features scale retracts and gear doors.


The bifurcated pipe gives this model a unique sound.



Enjoy the video of the model in action

Feb 17 2011

Jet Legend BAE Hawk


This JetLegend BAE Hawk was completely repainted by Simon in the colors of the UK 2010 Hawk Demo Team.


The model is powered by a JetCat P80 Turbine and features retractable landing gear with suspension legs.



Enjoy the Video of the model in action:

Feb 13 2011

Jet Legend SU-27 Twin Turbine


Mr Hengs JetLegend SU-27.
The model is powered by 2x JetCat P-70 Turbines and carries 6 liters of kerosene.


The SU-27 further comes with retractable landing gear, gear doors and functional airbrake.


Following video was taken during the maiden flight of the jet (gear was left down for the maiden).

Feb 8 2011

RC-Warbirds Newsletter Jan/Feb 2011

RC-Warbirds Desktop Wallpaper

Product PictureFrom January 2011 we will bring you a new PC and Mobile Phone Wallpaper every month.
January 2011 was kicked off by a picture of a F9F Cougar we took during the 2007 TopGun event in Lakeland Florida.
Our February 2011 wallpaper features 2 true warbirds, a P51 Mustang and a P47 Thunderbolt. This picture was taken by us during the 2010 Jet & Warbird meet of the MFC Dachau in the south of Germany. Make sure to check out the video of this event on our youtube channel.
Although we are snapping pictures like crazy, we would be happy to feature your shot as one of our monthly pictures. Drop us an email to send us your shot !


F-16 90mm Fan

Product PictureThe 3rd Jet for a 90mm Fan unit from HET-RC.

Unlike the other 2 models (Sniper 90 and F-18), the HET-RC F-16 features a epoxy fiberglass fuselage resulting in a lighter body and more chip resistant surface.
The F-16 is a available in 4 distinct color schemes, Edwards AFB, General Dynamics, Gray and Thunderbirds.
The model is fully prepared for a retractable landing gear (see options below) and allows the installation of working gear doors.
Powered by 8-10S and with its included wingtip missiles, this model will be the star at every flying site.

Also available in Edwards AFB Colors
Product Picture
Also available in Gray Color
Product Picture


Me-163 Komet

Product PictureThe HET Me163 Komet is a Fiberglass Model with Foam/Balsa Wings powered by a propeller.
A powerful brushless motor in the nose of the plane combined with pylon prop allows this sleek jet to reach high speeds (see our FOX Composites Me-163 Video with speeds in excess of 320km/h or 200mph).
The model has enough space to accommodate LiPo packs of various sizes allowing either 3s or 4s configurations with motors in the range of 300 to 900 Watt power.



Product PictureA high performance ESC for brushless powered EDF Jets, sport and aerobatic planes and gliders.
For 2S-6S LiPo
The ESC features easy programming via transmitter or the optional available programming card.



Grumania Custom Pipes

Product PictureHigh Quality Grumania Jet Models Pipe.
Each Jet Pipe is custom made to order for your specific jet. Simply let us know how long your jet pipe needs to be and for what engine you require it and we will do the rest.
Each pipe comes with a intake funnel for better heat shielding.



AirPower High Flow UAT

Product PictureHigh Flow Air Trap Hopper Tank with 150ml volume for large turbine models. Suitable for turbines with 160N and more. (JetCat P160, P200….)



Bulkhead Fuel Barb Fitting

Product PictureBulkhead Fuel Fitting for Turbine Jets, Gasoline and Nitro Powered Model planes. Allows for easy connection of fuel lines though bulk heads.
Ideal suitable to connect overflow and taxi tanks.
Fits ID 1/8” Tubing .



Airpower Disc Brake

Product PictureAirPower Models 25mm Pneumatic Disc Brake Set For 50-76mm Wheels.
Suitable for AirPower Wheels up to 76mm diameter.




AirPower Offset Gear Door Hinge

Product PictureThese offset gear door hinges make gear door installation a snap.
Multiple cylinder attach points and large mounting feet.

10 hinges per pack !




Gear & Door Valve

Product PictureAirpower Gear and Door valve suitable for all pneumatic-operated (air) retractable Landing gears and gear door cylinders.
Can be operated with mini or micro size servos.



Rubber Wheels

Product PictureLight Weight, low air drag and bounce aircraft rubber wheels.
Available in the following sizes: 1”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”




LiPo Balancer Charger

Product PictureThe perfect Lipo charger for your startbox or just to be placed inside the car for emergency recharging of small flight packs and TX/RX Packs.
- Charges 1-5 LiPo or Li-Ion Cells
- Balancer in-build
- Charge current from 0.1A to 5A in 0.1A steps
- Input: 11-15V DC
- LCD Display shows charging data
- Automatic polarity check


Gear Door Set (small)

Product PictureAdd realism to your model plane with full working retract doors.
This set includes everything you need to add working retract doors to your jet. The set includes 3 air cylinders with 12mm stroke, offset gear door hinges for 3 gear doors, airvalve mount and air valve to toggle the door movement.
The system will be connected to your existing retract air circuit.Door open action is slvaed to the retract valve so that the doors open at the same time as the gear is deployed. Door close function is independently activated by the included valve which need to be driven by a separate servo.
The perfect match for Tamjets 1/12 F-16, Aeronaut Rafale, JTM BAE Hawk or Jet Teng L-39 Albatros


HET F-16 90mm Retracts Set

Product PictureThe HET-RC F-16 Retracts are specially designed for the HET-RC F-16 Fighting Falcon composite EDF Jets. The set comes complete with air tank, hose and valves. These retracts come with oleo struts mounts suitable for the optional available HET-RC F-16 Oleo Struts.




HET F-16 90mm Oleo Set

Oleo Struts specially designed for the HET-RC F-16 EDF Jet.Product Picture
Add scale realism in looks and function to your model air plane. Whether you use fixed or retractable landing gears, these struts can be fitted. Helps to smoothen landings and improves ground handling, especially on grass fields. Package includes 2 main gear oleo units with wheels and one nose oleo strut with mounted wheel

Feb 5 2011

Product Announcement: AirPower PDS-620A

Coming Soon: AirPower PDS-620A Power Distribution System



AirPower PDS-620A Power Distribution Systems

  • Operating voltage : 5.0 to 9.0 Volts for DC
  • Power supply : 2*2-cell LiPo batteries, 7.4 Volt
  • Output voltage :
    • Receiver : 6V
    • Servo : 5.0V / 5.4V / 6.0V / 7.0V / ByPass
  • Output current :
    • Receiver : 5.0 A (succession stabilized)
    • Servo : 20.0 A (succession stabilized)
  • Peak current :
    • Servo – 50 A ( servo side, 15 sec.)
    • Receiver – 10A (Rx. side, 15 sec.)
  • Servo sockets: 15 sockets, 6 channels
  • Temperature range: -20 to +85 (centigrade)
  • Dimensions : L 76 x W 60 x H 25 mm
  • Weight: 130g


Coming soon…….. 2011′ 02′

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