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Archive September | RC-Warbirds Blog
Sep 28 2010

RC-Warbirds Newsletter September 2010

Stumax SM90-45

Product PictureThe SM90-45 EDF system is based on the highly successful SM110 multiblade rotor design.

Unlike traditional EDF units for the 90mm class, the SM90-45 features a 11 blade rotor for improved static thrust and sound.

Turbine like sound in an small scale EDF model is a dream come through thanks to this fan.

Suitable for output power of more then 3kw. At the tested input power of just under 3kw, the SM90-45 is giving just over 10lb (4.6kg) static thrust.

The SM90-45 features a FSA of 4771sqmm.


AirPower Five Action Super Multi-function Valve – EVO / ST

Product PictureThe AirPower 2010′ new EVSD-5U-Evo offers everything you could possibly need or want in a gear system controller.

All new software separates the sequencer timing so each setting is completely independent of each other, simplifying the sequencer programming.

In addition, you can now test the antilock brake setting without having to exit the programming sequence. Increase the voltage measurement function of the source and up to 3A Landing lights control system.

- 35mm x 20mm LCD Display Screen

- Dual Air Pressure Value Display

- Build inside Gear System Fail Safe

- Prevents an accidental gear-up when the transmitter is turned

- Compatible For 2.4 Ghz Radio System

- The intuition and simple programming operation

- Three Pressure Unit Selection – PSI / Kg-cm2 / BAR

- Pulse Brake function that can be adjusted

Also Available as SP Version – same features as above but comes without the landing light harness and small parts

Product Picture






AirPower Five Action Multi-function Valve

Product PictureThis new 5 port electronic valve covers all your needs in once brilliant device.

The Airpower EV5U multiport valve offers operation of your Gear, Doors and Brakes offering a fully programmable sequencer built in as well.

With sizing similar to a standard receiver, the EV5U offers a host of convenience in a simple, cost effective package. This one valve replaces 2 Dual Action Valves, 1 Brake Valve, 1 Sequencer and 3 Servos!

Easy programming of preset modes of fully custom sequences via the included EV-PC Program Card

Clear LED status display.


Electronic Dual Action Valve

Product PictureThis Airpower new electronic dual action valve offers electronic control of retracts or gear doors in one convenient electronic valve.

Supplied with barbed airline fittings


Electronic Single Action Valve

Product PictureCompletely digital brake control. Can be used as an on/off or proportional brake valve.

Also great for Air-Up / Spring down landing gear and speed brakes.



AirPower D-7 Lightweight Air Cylinders

Product PictureAirPower light weight gear door cylinders. Available in sized from 12mm (1/2”) stroke to 44mm (1 3/4”) stroke.

The perfect cylinder for EDF jet and turbine model gear doors.



Fill Valve Set – Three Output

Product PictureAirPower valve and fill chuck for pressurizing pneumatic systems include a no leak check valve to ensure that the system pressure is maintained.

Compatible with hand pumps or small portable air compressors.

The valve is made of durable aluminum. Three output simplifies installation and eliminates the need for an additional Tee connector.

Includes securing nut and fill chuck. Tested to 160psi.



AirPower Air System Water Trap

Product PictureSTOP pumping water into your air systems!! Our new air system water trap is a must have add-on for your air compressor. Using the element and cyclone effect, the water trap removes the dust and water drops sucked in by the compressor. Extend the life of your cylinders, As much as 99.9% of water is removed from the inside of air tubes by our own special collision separation technique! Can be used inline on compressor or mounted onboard the aircraft.

The water trap can be opened to empty it.

3 mm Barbed Tubing Connect



Dual Air Gauge – Fill Valve Assembly

Product PictureAirPower Dual Air Gauge – Fill Valve Assembly

This lightweight machined Aluminum alloy mount is pre-assembled and ready for install. Includes two Pisco air gauges and two AirPower filler valves.

Makes for a nice and tidy install. (and saves some $$$)

Also available as Wide Version

Product Picture







Pro-Link Titanium Pushrods & Ball Links

Product PictureHigh strength Titanium Pro-Link Push Rods and Ball Links for large scale RC models, EDF Jets and Turbine powered models. Available in lengths from 38mm (1 1/2”) to 127mm (5”).

Ball Links available in packages of 2 or 6



Electric Accessories

New electric accessories incl:Product Picture

- Multiplex Power Connectors for battery or servo connections

- 10AWG Silicon wire for high power EDF applications

- 12AWG Silicon wire for high power EDF applications

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