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Archive May | RC-Warbirds Blog
May 31 2010

JTM Hawk – New Colors

Jet Teng will be releasing the Hawk in 5 additional color schemes soon.
The Hawks in their new colors come with the same features as the already released Black RAF100 Squadron, Red Arrows and T-45 Color scheme. Please contact us at to place your order for these great models.

Available new colors:

Jet Teng Hawk 90mm HB002C


Jet Teng Hawk HB003C


Jet Teng Hawk new color HB004C


jet teng hawk 90mm HG001C


JTM Hawk new color HR1252C


May 28 2010

JTM L-39 latest news

We just got news from Jet Teng that the initial color options for the soon to be released L-39 Albatros have been selected. will stock the L-39 as soon as it is available. As with the Hawk we expect initial production shortages.
Contact us today if you would like to pre-order the model.

Following are the initial available color options:

Jet Teng L-39 Color option L3901

Color option 1: L3901

Jet Teng L-30 Color option L3902

Color option 2: L3902

Jet Teng L-39 Color option L3903

Color option 3: L3903

Jet Teng L-39 Color Option L3904

Color option 4: L3904

Jet Teng L-39 Color Option L3905

Color option 5: L3905

May 26 2010

New Stumax SM100 & SM90 Fans

The new 100mm and 90mm Fans by Stumax are in the final stages of development.

Stumax SM100-45 SM90-45 Here is a short preview by Stu:

Stumax is currently finalizing the development of two new fans, designated SM100-45 and SM90-45, being 100mm dia and 90mm dia with 45mm hub dia. As there is a demand for a good sounding 90mm fan for a while now, Stu originally tried trimming down an SM110-52 to end up with a 90mm fan unit. However it became quickly apparent that this approach resulted in a too heavy fan unit. At the end Stu designed the SM100 around a SM110-45 motor tube, utilizing the same strator design but with shorter blades to end up with a 100mm fan unit. The goal for the 100mm fan was 5kW using a Neu 15 series motor. Testing shows that the power vs rpm calcs were pretty close, and a 1521-1.5Y on 12S seems to be a good choice, needs a lot of flight testing to confirm, of course. For the SM90-45 it looks like a 1515-2Y will be a good choice on 12S for 3kW, or perhaps a 1515-1.5Y on 8S – again, this needs to be thoroughly tested before these figures are put in stone.

The rotors are 11 bladed, with the blades being individually injection moulded from long glass filled Nylon. the blades are assembled onto front and rear rings which lock them all together. Once the rotor is assembled, it is attached to a shaft adapter which then mounts to a dummy shaft in the lathe, then the front face is machined flat and the bore at the front is machined out to accept the aluminium ring which forms the locating face for the spinner. A lot of work and fiddling, but this ensure the spinner runs 100% true. As assembled, the rotors are close to being perfectly balanced, and I’ve actually run them without further balancing. Production rotors will be dynamically balanced.
Side view of a SM100-45 SM90-45 vEDF Unit Thrust-wise, the SM100-45 is matching the 110mm fans up to 3.8kW then it tails off a bit as expected. On 3.8kW it delivers 6.0kg thrust. The static efficiency is up around 92-94%, which is staggering, really, and the reason it’s performing close to a fan with much more FSA. The SM90-45 is giving just over 10lb static thrust with just under 3kW, which is still pretty good considering it’s a cut down rotor and loses the aerodynamic tricks that have been used at the blade tips.The FSA for the SM100-45 is 6264sqmm and 4771sqmm for the SM90-45.

The SM90 is basically the SM100-45 rotor trimmed down to 90mm, using the same motor tube and a 90mm dia shroud. Also new are the shrouds of both the SM100 and SM90 which are carbon/Rohacell sandwich construction at this point.
Sound-wise, the SM100-45 is quieter than the SM110-52 but the sound isn’t as interesting, simply because the SM110-52 was designed to have certain pleasing harmonics, and the SM100-45 was designed to be super efficient (hence its quietness).

Release date: Well, Stu is not promising a release date but he hopes to have the first batches done within one month. As with all Stumax products the fans will only be released once they are 100% right.

explosion view stumax sm100 and sm90 edf unit

RC-Warbirds  will carry the SM100 and SM90 as soon as they are available. Please drop us an email for more info’s and pre-orders.

Stumax EDF Rotor

May 5 2010

JTM BAE Hawk – Video Review 3

Marvin's JTM Bae Hawk

Below is the final episode of FlyBoyTha1’s great review of the JTM Hawk.
He concludes the Video Review with the flight of his finished model.

His Black Colored Hawk is equipped with:

  • TamJets TJ90 Fan shroud with a WeMoTec Midi Fan Rotor
  • NeuMotors 1415/1.5Y on 8S
  • Hyperion 4200 35C 8S Lipo Pack
  • TamJet Oleo Struts and MPI wheels (brakes will be added in the near future)

The power setup used generates 2.2kW at 8S with 80Amp peak

JTM Hawk power setup with neumotor JTM Hawk power with Tamjet fan

Enjoy the flight video !!

Part 2

May 1 2010

JTM BAE Hawk – Video Review 2

The second episode of FlyBoyTha1’s JTM BAE Hawk Building video series.
All servos are installed, retracts are ready.
Next Step: Fan installation, for which he takes a trip down to TamJets to get some new “goodies”.

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